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Stur's mission is to inspire people to drink more water which is a good motive considering the average American drinks a mere 2.5 glasses of water and otherwise "hydrates" with sugar-sweetened beverages!

Stur was created by a husband (Neel, the founder) for his wife who, at the time, was pregnant with their twin daughters and consequently having a tough time staying hydrated. Having no interest in consuming the artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, etc on the market, he (Neel) headed to the kitchen to create a natural water enhancer to add flavor to his wife's water—and Stur was born.

I know, why not drink plain water? I love it and I am sure you all do as well! But, unfortunately, many people don't and they regularly choose soda, juice or sweetened beverages instead.

Stur is unique in that it is an all natural water-enhancer unlike other options in the category like Crystal Light and Mio which use artificial colors, flavors, sugars and preservatives. Stur uses simple, clean ingredients. Stur is stevia sweetened and the sweetness is extracted by steeping the stevia leaves in warm water (no chemicals, solvents or alcohols are used in the processes) It may cost more money to do this but the result is a cleaner product with NO bitter aftertaste. Pair that with non-gmo, fruit and vegetable extracts and Neel was able to create no-calorie, no-sugar flavors like Strawberry-Watermelon, Coconut Water (which is made from fresh coconut water), Iced Tea with Lemon (which is made from steeped black tea), Orange Mango and more. Each serving of Stur (there are 20 per bottle) is fortified with Vitamin C as well.

Stur for your health: There is no question that adequate water consumption is beneficial to your health. Proper hydration fends off fatigue, helps regulate healthy bowel function and maintains your body's fluid balance while supporting proper kidney function. Sure, drinking water does not directly lead to weight loss, but choosing water over sugar sweetened beverages is never a bad thing.

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