6 Ways Water Can Help With Weight Management

You may have heard that modest lifestyle adjustments, such as going outside for longer walks, lowering stress, and cutting back sugar can help long term with weight loss goals. But did you know that drinking lots of water may be another great addition to your routine if you're attempting to lose weight? That’s actually why many Stur consumers report trying Stur -- to deliciously increase their hydration routine while on their weight management journey! See why below. 

Water Has An Appetite Suppressing Effect

We’ve all been there -- lunch is too long ago & dinner is too far away. It’s officially snack hour. While we love a good snack, we learned that sometimes when we think we’re hungry -- we’re actually thirsty. Grabbing a glass of water more often (especially when we’re having those 3pm-I-wish-it-was-still-thin-mint-season cravings) will help keep us all full longer. That’s because when the stomach detects fullness, it sends messages to the brain telling it to stop eating. Water can help fill up empty stomach space, resulting in a full feeling and a reduction in hunger. 

This was further evidenced in a 2014 study, where subjects who were overweight consumed a glass of water before every meal in addition to their regular water consumption amount for 8 weeks. The subjects' body fat, weight, and mass index decreased, and their appetite was also suppressed.

Drinking Water Helps You Burn More Calories

According to a 2014 study conducted about the effects of metabolic responses to water temperature, twelve people who consumed half a liter of room and cold temperature water increased their energy expenditure. 

In an hour and a half after drinking the water, they burned between 2 and 5% more calories than usual. Water can temporarily boost the body's resting energy consumption or the calorie count burned while at rest. Since the body uses calories or energy to heat the water for digestion, drinking cold water may improve water's calorie-burning advantages. Now that’s cool (… see what we did there?)!

Water Aids in Digestion

You may feel puffy, bloated, and exhausted as waste builds up in your body. Bloating can cause a person's waist to expand by several inches. Staying hydrated will help you avoid accumulating waste.

Secondly, once your body is dehydrated, it can be harder to use the restroom. The kidneys are a crucial part of digestion and benefit from water as water helps filter toxins and waste while retaining electrolytes and necessary nutrients. 

In addition to keeping you regular, water also aids in the recovery of the body from digestive issues like diarrhea and indigestion. Water softens or loosens hardened stools, which keeps waste moving.

Reduce Less Liquid Calories

Drinking juice, soda, sweetened tea, or coffee is a simple way to consume liquid calories. Most people also overlook the calories in sports drinks and alcoholic beverages. Swapping these out for flavored water can help reduce calories quickly.

According to a study, a group of females experiencing obesity lost between 2 and 2.5 percent of their body weight after switching from two or more high-calorie beverages to non-calorie drinks every day for six months. An easy non-calorie go-to? Flavored water (like Stur!). 

Another study showed this too where participants drank water after lunch every day while participating in a 24-week weight loss program. They dropped 13.6 percent more weight than those who consumed the same amount of diet beverages after lunch in the same regimen. This further shows how swapping your sweet drink for a sweet (but not so sugary Stur) can help!

Water Is Required For Fat Burning

Yes, you read that correctly -- water is actually REQUIRED by your body in the fat burning process. Let’s get into the science here. Lipolysis is the term that describes the process of digesting fat. Hydrolysis is the first step in this process, in which water molecules combine with fats to produce fatty acids and glycerol. 

It's critical to drink enough water to burn stored fats and fat from foods and beverages as it is needed for Lipolysis!

Water is Beneficial to Workouts 

We all know that exercise is among the most crucial aspects of any weight-loss strategy -- did you know water plays a huge role in that exercise? Water aids in the proper movement of connective tissues, muscles, and joints. It also aids the effective functioning of the heart, lungs, and other organs when they rapidly increase activity during exercise.

Wrapping things up!

While most health experts agree that drinking more water is generally considered healthy, remember to consult your doctor first before changing your diet or health routine. This information should not be used as a replacement for the advice of a licensed medical professional.

If weight loss is one of your goals, water might be here to help. If it’s a sweet craving you’re looking for -- Stur can kill two birds with one stone. Stur water enhancers add a delicious fruity flavor to water so you can crush the sweet cravings while meeting your hydration goals.