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Brand Details

  • Stur was created by a father for his family.  Stur was born out of a thirst for something better. When founder Neel Premkumar’s wife was pregnant with twins, her doctor ordered her to drink more water. Neel searched for water enhancers to help her drink more ounces - but nothing was healthy enough for his growing family. So he decided they’d create their own.
  • From mothers-to-be to growing kids, it’s our mission to help everyone love water naturally.In this past year alone, Stur has served up almost 200 million glasses of water, cut out over 10 million pounds of sugar, and helped over 15,000 people get access to clean drinking water in collaboration with the Thirst Project.
  • With each order, we donate 1 year of clean drinking water to a person in need through Thirst Project.

Talking Points 

💧 Fun and easy way for you and your family to reach your water intake goals.

🍓 Made with real fruit. Focus on our all-natural ingredients.

🚫 Zero sugar & zero calories. Sweetened with Stevia. 

🍊 High in antioxidant vitamin C. Stur doesn’t just make water taste better, it adds vitamins as well.

🌱 No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. Compared to other popular water enhancers that have artificial ingredients.

😋 Available in 12+ delicious flavors. Focus on great taste without sacrificing quality ingredients.

😍 100% happiness guarantee

Top Selling Products

  • Build Your Own bundle on is our most popular product. The ability to choose their favorite flavors has been a big hit with our customers. 
  • The Ultimate Sampler is perfect for someone new to Stur to discover their favorite flavor. It contains the following flavors: Blue and Blueberry; Peach; Grape Acai; Fruit Punch; Coconut Pineapple; Strawberry Watermelon; Energy Mixed Berry; Lemonade; Pomegranate Cranberry; Tropical Fruit Punch

Topic Ideas

1) 5 Tips For Drinking More Water. Ideas in addition to adding Stur are:

  • Set a daily goal based on your needs and activity level. 
  • Use a fitness tracker or a standalone app to dedicated to tracking your water such as Water Reminder, available on Andriod and IOS. 
  • Bring a reusable water bottle wherever you go.
  • Drink one glass of water before each meal
  • Make a habit fo drinking a glass of water when you wakeup

2) 4 Tips For Breaking Your Soda Habit

  • Replace with water
  • Swap out your soda for sparkling water 
  • Flavor your water or sparkling water  with Stur™ to satisfy your sweet craving
  • Have a support system to help you make the changes

3) Create unique mocktail or cocktail recipes using Stur™ 

4) Tips for getting kids to drink more water 

  • Flavor Stur and let them make their own recipes with the different flavors
  • Give them a special and fancy water drinking cup
  • Set up goals and reward system for reaching goals such as providing fun stickers
  • Lead by example
  • Choose water over other drinks when going out to eat or at the dinner table

5) Compare Stur to other water enhancers with a focus on ingredients and tastes.

    Top Promotional Methods

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    • YouTube video with tips for drinking more water and/or comparison video with other brands. Here is an example
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