Blue & Blackberry

Pack of 5 (Makes 100 Drinks, $3.99/count)

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Nutrition Info

Contains 5 bottles of blue & blackberry liquid drink mix that has zero sugar, zero calories, high in antioxidant vitamin C, gluten free, and kosher. Makes 100 8-oz glasses of flavored water.

Why Stur?

Our mission is to help others live healthier lives by hydrating naturally.

Remove artificial ingredients from your diet and adopt a more natural lifestyle.

Increase your water intake by making it taste delicious.

Reduce your sugar intake and help you reach your long term weight management goals.

Contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system.

Originally created by a father for his own family.

Love Water Naturally ®

Stur is a great-tasting natural water enhancer made from real fruit extracts, sweetened with stevia, and colored using tiny amounts of fruit and vegetable juice. This is unlike traditional drink mixes which use artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners like sucralose & aspartame. See how Stur Natural Water Enhancers compare to other Liquid Water Enhancers.

*Liquid segment comparison as of August 2020

Made With Premium, Natural Ingredients



Gluten Free


Keto Friendly

Made in USA

Add Natural, Delicious & Sugar-Free Flavor To:

Plain water to get those 8 glasses in
Soda water for a home-made soda that satisfies a sweet tooth
Tasty cocktails (Pro TIP: Coconut pineapple is perfect for a Piña Colada!)
Iced Tea - so-sweet & refreshing on a hot day

How To

To use, flip-open the cap. Point downwards directly into your water

Squeeze for 1 second per 8oz drink of water


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