Stur is the drink mix for consumers looking for Natural Ingredients

Stur is free from all artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

Artificial ingredients in common drink mixes like Kool Aid and Crystal Light scared the family that started Stur. They wanted to find a way to drink more water naturally, so they created their own top-selling drink mix brand – Stur – a mouthwatering and naturally sweetened drink mix that just tastes like nature intended it, and not like processed chemicals. Each portable bottle of Stur contains 20 8oz. servings, just flip-open the cap, point down and squeeze to deliciously flavor your tap water, bottled water, Sodastream/ sparkling water, even cocktails.

Stur contains simple ingredients: Natural Fruit Flavor Extracts, Natural Stevia Extract, Natural Citric Acid, Vitamin C, white grape juice and Fruit and Vegetable Juice. Our Natural fruit flavors are extracted from real fruit. Our Natural stevia leaf extract is steeped using gently heated water – we do not use methanol! Our Vegetable Juice is added at trace levels to give color to Stur (so you know how much you’re adding). For example, our red coloring comes from beets. Stur liquid water enhancers are also certified Kosher by (Please note that the powder drink mixes are not Kosher). There is NO aspartame, NO sucralose, NO acesulfame potassium, NO red/ yellow/ blue dyes, and NO artificial flavors in Stur!

"I initially created Stur drink mixes for my wife, so she could drink more water naturally while pregnant with our twin girls. We are a family-run company, and our brand is about helping others to love water naturally," said Neel Premkumar, Founder of Stur. "Because Stur was first made for my own family, it has been critically important that I used only natural and organic ingredients from the beginning."

Stur is a leading Water Enhancer brand, sold in Grocery & Health Food stores across the United States. On, Stur is the #1-selling Drink Mix brand (checkout our thousands of 5-star ratings!), with a passionate customer base of over 100,000 Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest fans. Change to just natural.


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