What is Stur?

Stur is the leading ALL-NATURAL liquid water enhancer! Our products are made from only the best natural fruit and stevia extracts - and never contain any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Stur was made by a husband for his wife and twins - our brand is helping others to love water naturally.

Why should I drink more water?

Because water is amazing and truly essential to better health! The U.S. Institutes of Medicine recommend Americans drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Among other things, water helps maintain the balance of body fluids, can help control calories, helps energize muscles, helps keep skin looking good, helps your kidneys, and helps maintain normal bowel function.

How do I use Stur?

Flip-open the cap. Point downwards directly into your water. And squeeze 1 second per serving in 8oz. of water (squeeze longer to add more flavor)! Each bottle contains numerous servings and makes many drinks, please be sure to read the label.

What flavors or varieties does Stur come in?

Stur Fruit flavors include Blue & Blackberry, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, Pomegranate Cranberry, Orange Mango, Lemonade, Peach, Grape, and Coconut Pineapple. Each bottle makes 20 servings, and each serving contains High Antioxidants (100% Vitamin) to help fight free radicals. Stur Energy only comes in Mixed Fruit. Each bottle makes 20 servings, and each serving contains 45mg of organic caffeine to naturally boost your energy. Stur Skinny flavors include Citrus and Black Cherry. Each bottle makes 20 servings, and each serving contains 1g of fiber to help control hunger.

Does Stur have any sugar or calories?

Yes & No.. Our liquid water enhancers are calorie-free. They do contain a negligible amount of sugar because we use real fruit juice, but no sugar is added to our liquid drink mixes. Our powder drink mixes are completely sugar-free. Please reference the nutritional panel of each product line for more detailed information.

Does Stur contain any artificial ingredients? (NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, color or preservatives)

NO! Those things scare us - that's why we created Stur. Stur does NOT use artificial or chemical sweeteners commonly found in other water enhancers and bottled beverages, such as Sucralose, Aspartame, and Acesulfame Potassium. Stur also does NOT use artificial or chemical flavors or colors such as Yellow Lake 5, Blue 1, Red 40, etc.

What makes Stur taste sweet?

We naturally sweeten our blends with NATURAL stevia leaf extract. Our stevia is gently steeped in warm water (hence the great taste), never with methanol! The sweet leaves of the stevia plant have been safely used as a sweetener in South America for centuries, and are recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the general population, including pregnant women and children. As always, please consult with your physician about taking any products in conjunction with your medications or allergies.

What is the estimated shipping time to receive my Stur?

Standard Shipping: 5-10 business days Expedited Shipping: 3 business days Priority Shipping: 2 business days

Does Stur contain caffeine?

Only the Stur Energy flavors have caffeine (45mg organic caffeine per serving)! Everything else is caffeine-free.

Is Stur gluten-free?

Yes, all Stur products are wheat and gluten-free, although not certified.

Is Stur Kosher?

Stur Liquid Drink Mixes are certified Kosher by OK. Stur Powder Drink Mixes are not Kosher.

Do your products contain common high-allergy ingredients, such as nuts?

Only the Stur Coconut Waters contain nuts, and so our facility does process tree nuts. Also if you have allergies to any specific fruits, please avoid ordering flavors that name those fruits.

I have diabetes. Is Stur safe for me?

Many of our customers have diabetes. Stur's liquid water enhancers can be an excellent beverage option for people living with diabetes because all flavors contain 0g of sugar and only 1 carbohydrate per serving. People with diabetes should always consult their physician, Registered Dietitian, or Certified Diabetes Educator to evaluate how certain foods can fit into their meal plan.

Will Stur help me lose weight?

As a 0 sugar, 0 calorie beverage, Stur can be an excellent beverage option for people looking to lose weight. Furthermore, most of the top diet plans (including Weightwatchers and Jenny Craig) recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily - and Stur can help you drink more water. As always, we recommend people consult their physician or Registered Dietitian to evaluate how certain foods can fit into their meal plan.

Is it safe for children to drink Stur?

It's always wise to check with your children's pediatrician for medical advice, but the ingredients in Stur Fruit Flavors and Coconut Waters are recognized as safe for the general population, children included. Among our customers, we proudly count many Moms and Dads who want their kids to drink more water instead of sugary beverages. Stur Energy and Stur Skinny products, however, are only meant to be consumed by adults – not children, nursing or pregnant women.

Is it ok to drink straight from the container?

Nothing bad will happen if you do - but we really do not advise it. You should dilute Stur, it is a highly concentrated liquid meant to be added to water.

Can I add Stur to other things besides water?

You bet! Your delightfully refreshing flavors of Stur can be added to so many things, including carbonated water (goes great with your Sodastream), milk (we love Wild Strawberry Milk), ice cream, yogurt or smoothies, you name it. Some adults (over the age of 21) have even used Stur to make stronger drinks, we've heard they can be quite tasty.

How should I store Stur after I have opened it? How long will it last?

Stur does not require refrigeration, so put it anywhere in your kitchen and feel free to take it with you on the road! After opening the bottle, Stur tastes best within 30 days, or as indicated by the best-by date on the packaging.

Can you recycle the Stur bottle?

Yes, we designed it that way! The Stur bottle is recyclable in communities that recycle #2 plastics.

In what countries is Stur available?

Stur was launched in the United States, and now also has a team in Canada. Check out our retailers page to see where you can find Stur in Canada and visit Amazon.ca to shop online.

How much does Stur cost?

Please see here and click on any of the flavors to see the current deals we're running to buy online. In general, Stur tends to be a great cost savings over typical bottled drinks - because each bottle of Stur makes numerous servings!

I can't find Stur in my area, can I order it?

Absolutely! You've obviously found our website, so you're in the right place! ;) Stur is not available in retail stores in some parts of the county, but we do ship online to everywhere in the United States. Just click here to see our available flavors.

What is your return policy?

100% Happiness Guarantee -- Get a full refund if you don’t absolutely love it. Learn More.

Does Stur contain Erythritol?

Nope! Erythritol does not touch Stur in any way shape or form – from stevia leaf extraction through final product. Nada, nowhere.


What products can I subscribe to? Which products are available for auto-delivery?

Most of our products are available on subscription. To find out if a particular product is available for subscribe-and-save, check the individual product page.

How do I start a subscription / auto-delivery?

  1. Add the product to your cart
  2. Select the “Subscribe & Save” option
  3. Select the how often you want your product delivered
  4. Enter the how many you want in each delivery
  5. Checkout

Where can I find my subscription details?

You can find details of your subscription(s) under My Account > Manage Subscriptions. For each product in Manage Subscriptions, you can:

  • Increase / decrease the number of units
  • Change the delivery frequency
  • Skip next delivery
  • Change delivery address
  • Change the credit card details
  • Cancel your subscription

Can I group my subscriptions in one order?

As long as the next order date, customer email, credit card details, billing & shipping address, and shipping method is the same, it can be grouped into one shipment.

Will I get an Email Notifications?

Expect to receive emails from us when:

  • You’ve updated / cancelled the subscription
  • The order failed (because the credit card has expired / is over the limit / has been cancelled)
  • Your card is about to expire and the details need to be updated

Is Stur available in larger bottles?

Stur only comes in our portable, hand-sized Angled Fruit bottle. For customers looking for more, we recommend you take advantage of promotional discounts for buying multiple bottles.

What if I need to cancel my upcoming subscription?

You can cancel (or skip!) your subscription by going to your account > settings up until 3 days before your next charge processes. Once your charge processes, we are unable to cancel or make any modifications. If you are having any trouble, please email us directly and we can help with cancellation or provide a recommendation for a flavor that may be a better fit :)

What if I've placed an order and need to cancel?

After orders are placed, the fulfillment process automatically begins and we are unable to make any modifications or cancel the order. We've set this up so that we can ship quickly and get your Stur to you faster than you can say Love Water Naturally!